How to develop a growth mindset

//How to develop a growth mindset

How to develop a growth mindset

Try something new and see what happens!

Over the last little while I’ve been teaching myself how to subdivide property. I learned as I went, and I’m glad to say that we achieved a successful outcome. I can’t say that we came out ahead (thanks to the local property market!). But, I know I succeeded because I completed the venture, and gained so much valuable experience and personal growth. It’s information I can use in the future for myself and maybe for business, too.

It would have been easy to feel disappointed about the result of the sale, but I choose to see the good that came from it. I choose to have a mindset of growth and opportunity, and it makes a huge difference to how I manage my life. You can learn to see opportunities in trials, too.

How do you look at challenges at work? Do you have a growth mindset when it comes to your business? Are you open to change? Truth is, businesses that aren’t willing to try new things or listen to their customers simply fail to thrive over time.

Stagnation can mean the death of your business.

You won’t know if new ideas will succeed until you give them a go. It’s so important for small business owners to be creative and commit to new opportunities. We need to try new things, especially when it comes to the feedback we get from our customers and clients. If you’re hearing a lot of the same feedback it might be time to act on it. Don’t let ego or pride get in the way or cost you the opportunity to grow your business.

What happens if that new venture fizzles out? Here’s the good news: short-term failures can actually be long-term successes. You don’t know how many new doors can open when something goes belly up. Of course, you should weigh up the consequences and take action to minimise them, but here’s the thing:

The key is to deliberately find and name the positive outcomes of your efforts.

What did you learn? How did you benefit from the experience? You can put your learning to good use. How can apply your lessons to improve your business, or potentially package your experience and allow others to learn from you?

Tips for developing a growth mindset

  • Let go of past mistakes. Don’t let yesterday’s experiences weigh you down. Take the lessons they offered, be grateful for the experience and then move on to your next task or plan.
  • When you feel yourself getting sucked into tiny details, step back. Complexity can draw you in and help you to miss the big picture. Try opening up the conversation around the problem so you can get a wider perspective. Can you see a new way of approaching the challenge? Do you have underused resources that could be used in a new way?
  • Welcome information that makes you feel uncomfortable. It’s human nature to ignore information that doesn’t fit our preconceived view on an issue. Don’t miss the chance to see things from a new perspective and remember it’s ok to change your mind if you get new information.