The Journey

//The Journey

The Journey

Ding ding!

Let’s talk about the journey, your journey. The journey is different for everyone. Some of us have a very clearly defined path. Maybe you know what you want and the logical steps to help get you there. Others have an end goal, potentially having clarity around what they want, but the path may be covered over and hard to decipher until you are walking it, slowly uncovering it as you take the next step.

Sometimes the journey can be tough going, it can feel like walking behind kids on their bikes around the river, trying to get them to stay left, angry cyclists dinging theirs bells and yelling move, however a 4yr old’s interpretation of this is “Yah, you have a bell, look I have a bell too…..ding ding ding”. Times that by 4 kids and it’s like trying to herd cats on cat nip. Their path however is one of complete innocence, adventure, experiences and most importantly awesome bells. At the end of the day there is no right or wrong side of the path, the path is the path. Every path leads somewhere and it’s important to be present on the journey. You need to have the flexibility to change direction if required and a rough map so you don’t get lost.

I am a business consultant and I truly love what I do. I get excited working with businesses and watching the fruits of our labour grow. I am however sometimes a little left field in how I do things. I like to think outside the box. It’s so valuable to look at all the paths and access which one is best for my client. One of my client’s customers were 90% walk ins. With a client like this there is no point in putting up 300 landing pages, as their clients weren’t looking for them on Google. We are putting together a tailored marketing campaign utilising bus shelters, bench seats etc in high congestion areas around them. Peoples eye’s naturally wander when stuck in traffic, so having a clever marketing campaign can make a world of difference with a huge return on investment. These campaigns need to be memorable, to help build your brand.

Choose your own path!

So many people get caught up in wanting their path to look the same as others. I often have clients who want to be exactly the same as their competitors, to put themselves in a box that fits perfectly on the shelf, located to the left of the path on the grass where they are safe from cyclists lol.

In business you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors. You want to be the person in the middle of the pathway, rocking the fluoro lycra, twerking to ‘Baby got Back’ by sir mix a lot. In other words, you don’t want to be missed, we want you to stand out from the crowd. So, what is your point of difference? Why choose you? Market to that! Market to the reason that you started your business in the first place, show people your passion, it’s inspiring. Be the 4yr old kid with the awesome bell, pump out those awesome dance moves, embrace the individuality and be unique.