The Balance Challenge

//The Balance Challenge

The Balance Challenge

Finding balance is worth the effort.

Hmmm balance, it sounds OK, but in reality, it is something that I constantly struggle with. I thought I would write a very honest, truthful blog as I know so many out there have the same struggle. This is not about having a whinge, it’s about creating self-awareness and putting positive action steps in place to maintain balance within our lives. I am a very driven and determined person, committed to delivering successful outcomes to everyone I work with. I love this about myself and I love what I do, I am so grateful to be able to do something that I love. With a large work load, 2 kids, a house to maintain and a husband that is FIFO to provide the best lifestyle for his family, I often lose sight of what balance looks like.

Trying to be everything to everyone can only be sustained for a short time, eventually something has to give.

So the question is: what simple steps can we take, to help maintain balance?

Practice self-awareness. Know your limits.

Prioritise your time. What is urgent and what can wait?

Take a breath and find a moment to do something for you. It could be as simple as singing along with your favourite song, or ensuring you get to drink a hot cup of tea at least once a day. Sometimes a little thing can make a huge difference.

Exercise when you can. It releases endorphins and helps lower stress levels.

Try to get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can make small problems seem overwhelming. This can be hard sometimes, so it’s about doing the best you can. Try to go to bed early a couple of times a week.

Eat good food. You are what you eat. Good nutrition can make a huge difference to your overall wellbeing.

So the answer is, there is no easy answer. In reality, I know I will probably have work at creating balance most of the time. But I am working at acknowledging my limits. It’s important to know your boundaries and most importantly practice kindness towards yourself. Let go of the guilt and the negative feelings associated with needing to tap out occasionally. Often taking the time to do something nice for yourself makes you a much better, partner, parent, entrepreneur or employee, in summary, a better you. Remember that! We are all capable of being amazing and achieving amazing things, don’t lose sight of what is really important, and this can be different for everyone.

Create a goal for every area of your life. When I find myself feeling overwhelmed, I stop, breath and remind myself that I have got this. I then think of 3 things that I am grateful for today. Something so simple can make a big difference. Commit to working through this, it is a definite work in progress, it doesn’t happen quickly and needs constant focus, however the important thing is being aware of your behaviours and creating actions steps to propel you forward. You have got this too!