The secret to good business is…

//The secret to good business is…

The secret to good business is…

Good choices are good business practices

Good practices! So, this one is one that I have been thinking about a lot lately. I value good business and good people. It makes a huge difference to my life when I have good relationships with the people I work with. This isn’t just a professional thing, either. Doing the right thing by our family and friends is so important. Life is like a boomerang after all – what you put out is what you’ll get back. I’d like to share the good practices that I value both in my business and in my personal life. When we work openly and generously with the people in our lives we all benefit.

Good practices in business

Small businesses rely on relationships as much as good financial decisions. How many of these good practices do you use in your business? Do you

  • Have good disclosure? Do you let people know about conflicts of interest or other important information?
  • Have a good grasp on your capabilities? Do you take on the right amount of work, so no contracts are compromised?
  • Deliver on your promises? Do you keep your word? Do you deliver your products and services on time with good quality?
  • Meet or exceed expectations? Does your product meet your own personal standards? Would you be happy to receive the service you deliver?
  • Have your team on the same page? Do you keep expectations clear and reward success?
  • Communicate with customers? Do you let them know if there are unexpected changes or delays?
  • Consider your customers to be the most important people in your business? How do you help them feel valued and important?

If you feel like you could improve on any of these areas, it would help to take a good look at your business processes. Sometimes delivery and quality issues are influenced by poor pipeline management, which is good news! Small changes can sometimes reap huge rewards for you and your business overall.

Good practices in your personal life

When we think of ‘best practice’ it’s often in relation to our businesses, but it can relate to our personal lives, too. Think about the qualities you value in the people you love and ask yourself if you give anything in return.

Treat everyone with respect, practice kindness and understanding. Pull yourself back when you feel yourself placing judgement as no one is perfect. Be a good human being! Doing a small act of kindness, with no expectations to receive anything back in return is so rewarding. Create moments for people – a thoughtful text message, a little box of their favourite treat, an extra coffee on the way… little things show people they matter.

Good practice in your personal life might mean bringing some of those business skills home with you. Do you have a way to track special dates like birthdays and anniversaries, for example? How do you manage your social time, so you don’t double book or forget appointments?

Good practice is the secret to business and personal success. If you’d like to hear more about good practice or how you can get your business operating at 100%, contact me today, I’d love to hear from you!