Changing your perception of failure

//Changing your perception of failure

Changing your perception of failure

Failing means learning. Bring your experience with you to your new endeavours.

What does failure mean to you? I used to dread failure – didn’t we learn in school that failing sometimes meant the end of the world?

Oh, how much this has changed for me in the last 12mths. I used to think, ‘failure…if you don’t succeed, then you have failed’. Things seriously changed for me when I realised that this is BULLSHIT!

Failure only happens if you let it happen. You fail if you embrace the victim mentality and give up.

Failure is a horrible word with such negative connotations. It is usually joined by its close friends, sadness, self-pity, FEAR and disappointment. What if I told you that this doesn’t have to be the case. What if I told you that changing your mindset meant opening yourself up to a world of possibility and self-discovery? Could things change for you, if you knew deep down that seeing this in a new way could help you achieve things that may have never been possible if you hadn’t failed?

How to change your perception of failure

I am going to tell you a secret. Some of my biggest failures have lead to my most successful endeavours. Instead of being blindsided and disappointed when I ‘fail’, I stop, breathe and then most importantly, I continue to take action. I review the situation then start tweaking the things that led to the failure. I start looking for a better way.

There is always a better way and sometimes you need to fail to see the path to success. There are a few keys things to remember here:

  1. Lose your ego, it’s OK to admit that you’re unsure or you don’t know (yet!).
  2. Talk to your target market, they know what you don’t, let them tell you and you need to listen.
  3. Actively listen, continue to educate yourself, research and tweak things continuously.
  4. Don’t take criticisms personally. Feedback is a gift and you don’t have to take it all on board, but you do need to consider it all, utilising key parts to propel you forward.

Acknowledging my own actions and feelings has helped create better self-awareness. I now have the ability to call myself on my BULLSHIT! Failure is nothing more than perception, it is a choice. You have the ability to choose whether you succeed or fail. I choose to continuously move forward, to keep trying, tweaking, adapting until I come up with the winning formula. Don’t let the thought of failure own you. Let go of the fear, use positive affirmations, you have got this!